Raven's Reach

Raven’s Reach is the largest human city within the Shield. Though not as grand or impressive as the Dwarven citadels, Raven’s reach is nevertheless a sight to behold. Built on a series of plateaus connected with stone bridges, the city was originally a Dwarven outpost, with only a watchtower and several mines underground. The mines ran dry long ago, prompting the Dwarves to abandon it, and soon humans tired of rural life began to flock to it. A disgraced Imperial Duchess, known as Lady Raven, procured the tower long ago, using it as a trading post, with a small Dwarven garrison remaining to see to Karak Dun’s interests. Its position along the Pass of Eagles made it a perfect stopping off point for trade caravans heading north. With a bit of ingenuity and possibly more than a little magic, Lady Raven carved a tunnel through the mountain side and into a subterranean river that connected the city to Salter’s Passage, a trade route along the Maw just outside the Shield that carries goods and services from Qe Banssa and the Imperial Peninsula.

Day and night, great lifts in the nest ferry goods down the cliffs into waiting boats, to take them to Salter’s Passage or out to sea by way of the Maw. Over generations, people flocked to the city to find refuge within stone walls, or to make their fortunes in the market-place.

The city is currently run by the third Lady Raven, who oversees all from the Grey Tower in the City’s Spire District. She is getting on in years, and many are curious who will be chosen next, and what direction the new Lady Raven will take the city in.

The Nest
Traveler’s Square
The Feather District
The Talons
The Rookery
The Temple Mount
The Spire
The Grey Tower

Raven's Reach

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